Dr Bernard Ryan
Dr Bernard Ryan


Dr Bernard Ryan


Dr Bernard Ryan is an Abstract and Figurative Artist.

A retired general practitioner, Dr Bernard Ryan discovered by chance in late middle age that he had artistic ability.

In 1997, whilst working in the United Arab Emirates, he decided to illustrate a patient instruction leaflet himself and discovered an innate flair for drawing.

This awakening lead to developed interest and engagement with art in many forms.

From 2000 to 2003 he attended the Slade Summer School in London.  He has had solo exhibitions in Abu Dhabi, Turkey and at the Newlyn Gallery at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in 2008.  From October 2010 to April 2011 he was the In-house Artist at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Leeds, England.  His solo art exhibition ‘Mystery and Menace’ was also held at the Radisson hotel in Leeds at the same time.  He has also exhibited his equestrian paintings at the Hg4 Gallery in Ripon.

He is inspired by brightness and vivid colour and fascinated by the psyche and human predicament.

He is influenced by the work of Franz Marc, especially his colour saturated pictures of horses, symbols of vitality.  He is also inspired by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, with his boldly coloured landscapes and figures.  He is also influenced by Cubism.  During the past year he has been strongly influenced by the abstract paintings of Fiona Rae.  These artists have inspired him to create his own unique style, enhanced by a vivid imagination and enquiring mind.

His aspiration for the future is to pursue his interest in abstract painting.